Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thematic Photographic - Winter

Carmi's Thematic Photographic challenge this week was "winter."

I have really been enjoying the photos that have been displayed. The ideal way to experience winter, if you ask me, through photographs! Mojo has some great winter photos up. JC's winter scenes are amazing! Bunty Bunny even captured snowflakes in the air. Sweetly has a series of winter shots that are really worth a look.

As for me, while pondering what photo to take with winter in mind, this what I chose.

This is winter to me - all our coats hung up and us warm and cozy inside. Of course, a picture on the normal day would have had 1/2 these coats laying on the ground underneath the coat rack. Oh well.

Stay warm.

Photo Hunters - Thankful

The theme for the this week is "thankful." This one was pretty simple for me. While I have so much to be thankful for, Pastormac is right there at the very top of the list, just below God who brought us together.

Photo Hunters - Thankful

I'm thankful that nearly 20 years old he asked me to be his wife. And I'm thankful that I had the sense to say, "Yes!"

I'm married to my best friend. How could I not be thankful for that?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Love Thursday - Follow Your Heart

I can hardly believe how quickly time seems to fly by. Wasn't it just Saturday? And now the week is almost over.

It's Love Thursday. A very good day. Over at Chookooloonks Karen is talking about following your heart.

My followed my heart when it told me that, though it sounded crazy, we needed another son and not just another daughter.

I followed my heart to Ethiopia.

I followed my heart and it lead me to this amazing incredible guy.

Here's to Love Thursday and to following your heart.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Photo Hunters - Warm

So many different ways to show our Photo Hunters theme of the week - "warm." Cindy has a fun take on "warm." East Coast Life went with something warm and delicious, as did Blur Mommy. Yum! And I wished that I could have just walked through my computer screen and into the warm place pictured over at Carver's blog.

I was wracking my brains trying to figure out what photo to post for "warm." Then while I was showering this morning, it hit me...

Photo Hunters - Warm

Get it? - It hit me.

Drop by TNChick's place - where more warm is.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Photo Hunters - Nautical

I almost didn't do Photo Hunters today because, frankly, I'm pretty short on "nautical" photos. I know that my friends Snap2Days, Expat TravelerSarge Charlie, and JC have terrific nautical photos up today. And of course, over at It's Not a Weekend, It's a Lifestyle, Elaine has a great photo posted as well as a Mr. Linky with links to a bunch of great Photo Hunters' nautical pictures.

As for me, I finally realized that I while I was lacking in photos of ships, I could take a picture of something I have that is nautical-related. These are glass fishing floats and are definitely nautical.

Photo Hunters - Nautical

Deepest thanks to TNChick for all her work to make the Photo Hunt happen.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Photo Hunters - Bridge(s)

I'm really looking forward to looking at the terrific photos of "bridge(s)" that the Photo Hunters will be posting today. I am prepared to be amazed and inspired.

As for my "bridge" photos - while driving home from a trip to Utah I stopped to take these pictures from a bridge that crossed over the Colorado River. The second one was the view from atop the bridge itself. The river looks so brown because it was late summer and with very little rain, the water level was very low level.

Photo Hunters - Bridge(s)

TNChick's place has more bridges.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Get Serious!

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Again, the subscription is free, and I know you’ll enjoy the magazine, so take a minute to check it out and sign up to get future issues.