Saturday, January 26, 2008

Photo Hunters - Old-Fashioned

I love all the work that TN Chick puts into making the Saturday Photo Hunt such a great event. Photo Hunters were in search of something old-fashioned this week. I found this one to be tough and so I've been really impressed with the entries I've visited already.

I thought for a while about what to choose and settled on this photo of a photo from long long ago.

Photo Hunt -Old-Fashioned

What's old-fashioned about this photo, you ask? Well look at that poofy hair and the collar on that dress. And how about that skinny skinny tie? Honestly though, the reason I picked this photo is because these are my parents and this picture was taken nearly 40 years ago. My parents were about as old-fashioned as they come. (My dad still is; unfortunately my mom died in 2003.) When I got engaged, my mom didn't even think it was proper for Pastormac and me to sit on the same bed together. My dad still let's "ladies go first" and wears a coat and tie to work weekdays and a blazer to work on Saturday. Things like these and too many others to list make them my perfect choice for our "old-fashioned" theme this week.

If you're not rushing off to check out other Photo Hunters, PLEASE! PLEASE! leave a few of your "favorites" in a comment on my son Shorty's birthday post. He would really appreciate it. (So would I!) He just turned six on Thursday and he's pretty amazed that folks are leaving him comments. Also, we have really good news here.

Happy Hunting!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Finally! We have another son!

Yes! It's finally official! We have another son.

We totally weren't expecting it and in fact didn't even know that we were having a court date. Truth be told, I had quit hoping that it was going to happen - too many dates had come and gone. I was resolved that it would happen when it happened.

Yesterday, in the early morning, we learned that while we had been sleeping on Wednesday night, a judge in Ethiopia had made us parents for the seventh time!

We have been waiting eight months for this day.

So here is our Bear - the newest member of The Production.

Now we wait for a new birth certificate to be issued - with us listed as his parents! And other official documents to be translated into English. Then our agency representatives will apply to the US Embassy for an appointment to apply for a US Visa to bring him home. That's when we'll the word to make our travel dates. Likely this will be in about a month.

Last August I had to hug him "goodbye" and leave him there. Soon I'm going back to hug him "hello" and bring him home.

Here's one more picture of him. I really love this one. The expression on his face is priceless.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Seven at Six by Shorty

As is our birthday tradition, I'm giving Shorty my blog to post a birthday list. He turned six years old today. He's doing a list of favorite things - seven of them, one for each year and one to grown on.

Hi there! Shorty here. Here's my list. Hope you like it.

My Favorite Things - Seven at Six by Shorty

  • 1. Favorite Color: Definitely RED!

  • 2. Favorite Food: White Rice

  • 3. Favorite School Subject: Geography

  • 4. Favorite State: Rhode Island - "It's so small!"

  • 5. Favorite Singer: Rebecca St. James - listen to her every single night

  • 6. Favorite Animal: Puppies & Kitties equally

and one to grow on...

  • 7. Favorite Bible Story: Daniel & the Lion's Den

Do you have any favorites?

Thanks for reading my list. See you next year!

Today You Are Six.

You are...

  • incredibly smart

  • sweetly sensitive

  • thoughtfully serious

  • geographically inclined

  • startlingly handsome

  • prone to pacing

  • a picky eater

  • wound a little too tight at times

  • a blankie collector

  • pacingly impatient

  • forever my baby

  • newly a big brother

  • an accomplished reader

  • refreshingly innocent

  • Wii remotely skilled

  • dear to my heart

And today you are six. Happy Birthday my love, my dear one.

Love Thursday is back.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Photo Hunters - Important

Searching for some "important" for Photo Hunters this week. This topic was wide open.

I started with something frivolous yet important nevertheless.

Photo Hunt - Important


Then I got serious...and for me this is seriously important.

Happy Hunting!

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And drop by TN Chick's for a look at the "important" stuff she needed when her little girl got sick yesterday.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Photo Hunters - Skinny

Photo Hunters were in search of something skinny this week. Wow I wish I could post a picture of myself like TN Chick did!! Alas, I had to look elsewhere.

Here is my "skinny" selection. This is my kitty, Sneaker. As is the case with many elderly cats (Sneaker is 16/17 years old) she has hyperthyroidism. And while we give her medicine to manage the condition, she still can't keep on the weight. She weighs less than a dictionary! She's happy though, and content and truly the best of friends.

Photo Hunt - Skinny

The best kitty in the world - skinny or not.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

On the other side of the world right now...(Updated)

an Ethiopian judge may be making me a momma once again!

The elusive final piece of paperwork that confirms that our Bear is indeed eligible for adoption is finally in the hands of our agency representative in Ethiopia.

So today, perhaps God will see fit to complete our family with one more son.



We learned today that our case goes to court this NEXT Wednesday - 9/16. Silly us - we thought "this" Wednesday meant this Wednesday.

If you're so inclined, we would so appreciate your prayers. He's been waiting a long time.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Photo Hunters - Delicious

Photo Hunt - Delicious

Apple Cobbler a la mode

It was wonderful - definitely fit this week's theme.

TN Chick has a cute "delicious" photo that isn't food-related. Don't forget the Photo Hunters Site-of-the-Day - drop by Now What Happens? for a look at a fun photo.