Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Day Two is drawing to a close.

Today, Tuesday has been a pretty uneventful day.

I took #1 Son to drama class this afternoon. (yes, it is hard to imagine that we send our kids to class to learn drama - like we don't have enough drama around here already.) Pastormac usually takes him and then works at the library. Today after I dropped him off I ran some errands - post office, carwash, quick trip to Target, and to the library to wait out the rest of the time. And then I zipped home in time for Sweetanlo to leave for a sleep-over.

I must say that I am very blessed to have Sweetanlo here with me to watch the guys when I need to go out for a quick trip to the store or during drama. Being the only grown-up home this week, it’s a welcome relief to have a little time away from the craziness. When I don’t get it I feel more irritable and snappy. The goofy stuff that the guys do begins to drive me bonkers!

Talked to Rummy tonight. She was at Andy's Frozen Custard Shop having a regular vanilla custard with cookie dough on it. "Incredible good!" Swimming & shopping, spending all day with her best friend who is also there. "So incredibly fun!" I think that she's having a good time.

And tonight I think maybe I’ve guaranteed that we’ll get some rain - I washed the car and watered all the plants in the yard really well. Figures!


pastormac said...

Getting closer. Just two more nights!

pastormac said...

Oh, and I see we're using diffferent nicknames for girl number two. I'll adopt your nicknames for the boys however. You'll have to explain Joe Cool to me though.

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