Friday, August 25, 2006

Fascinating Friend Friday - My Aunt the Secret Agent

Pastormac has been hosting Fascinating Friend Friday for several weeks now. Here's what he says about it.

Everyone has a story. I’ve often thought when listening to various acquaintances and friends, “Wow, that would make a great story.” So every Friday, I’m going to tell one of those stories. It also makes me wonder what stories you all have out there.

It's about time that I jumped on board. And you can come along too. If you have a Fascinating Friend, post about him/her on your blog today (Make sure that you leave me a comment so people can follow it back to your story!) Or you can post your story in my comments section.

So I'm kicking off My Fascinating Friend Friday with My Aunt Ga. (*wink, wink* not her real name *wink, wink*)

My Aunt Ga. was born in a small town in New Mexico and I love hearing her talk about growing up with my father and her interactions with her folks, my grandparents. Her college experience at a All Woman's College in Colorado is interesting too. And I like to ask her about her favorite places around the world and about trips she and my uncle enjoyed. (Often they vacationed with my mom and dad, so I get the benefit of hearing about them as well.)

But what makes my aunt so fascinating is what she won't talk about.

You see, Aunt Ga. spent her adult life, up until the time of retiring, as agent for the CIA. In fact, she was an OSS agent before that! And it's just been recently, as we've had the chance to spend more time together, that I've realized that my aunt didn't just have a desk job like I've always thought. This dawned on me as I began to spend more time with her, asking her questions about her life. But whenever I try to ask her about her life as a CIA agent, I never can get a straight answer! I do know that she was Iran during the 70's, but not because she told me. (She and my uncle spent the holidays with my family every year but one Christmas they didn't come because she was out of the country.) "Did you carry a gun, Aunt Ga.?" I'll ask. "Oh yes." she'll say and add facetiously, "And a knife in an ankle holster." And I'm left to wonder, did she or didn't she? And I've concluded - probably, she did. More often, though, she'll just breeze right by my questions without answering them. Sworn to secrecy still, I suppose.

So I'm fascinated by what I don't know about her and what she'll never tell. My Aunt - The Secret Agent.

Don't forget to post your own Fascinating Friend today (I know you have someone!) and head over to Pastormac's Ponderings about Fascinating Friends to read about his F. F.


MP2 said...

Wow. I'd have to make something up to top your aunt: my fascinating friend is a chimney sweep who draws magical chalk pictures on the sidewalk and races carousel horses (-:

Mel said...


Thankfulmom said...

People are just downright interesting, aren't they? My fascinating friend is my husband who lived in Indonesia during his early teen years and tells the most amazing stories about that time. Besides that, he is super wonderful (and handsome!).

Katherine@Raising Five said...

That is so cool! We had FBI neighbors once and I always felt somehow safer. Great story!

pastormac said...

thanks for jumping on board! Maybe some of your posters could enrich our social experiences with some of their fascinating friends too!

The Wooden Porch said...

Fun idea!

I'm sorry she passed away. What a neat woman!