Thursday, September 21, 2006

Love Thursday #3

Love Thursday here again already? I can't believe how fast the time goes.

Today I'm being a little unconventional. Here's today's picture.

I know I know. It's my washing machine.

What's love got to do with a washing machine?

Well it was broken for several days and the amount of laundry that piled up around while we were waiting for the repairman was mind-boggling. Truly astounding really. And everyone keeps asking me if this is clean, or if their favorite that is clean. Ah, no, the washing machine is broken, remember?

It's fixed now and I'm making my way through all those dirty clothes....I love my washing machine.

Today, why don't you consider joining us over at Chookooloonks for Love Thursday?


Anonymous said...

Ha, that's cute! Glad it's working again.

Bozoette said...

You never miss the clothes until the washer's broken, eh? Thanks for the chuckle!

cnedaria said...

So glad it's fixed. At a party the group was once asked what one appliance would you take to a desert island. I was the only person who wouldn't take a TV. Nope, give me the washer any day!

Michelle said...

Washing machines are a great thing - beats washing clothes by hand! :)

Beck said...

My dryer is broken now. Oh, how I miss it... great choice! Who wants to wash their clothes in a stream with a rock?!

Waya said...

I'm always glad to get a comment but happier with finding a new blog to read. And I have to say that I will never complain (maybe a little) about doing laundry for 5 instead of 7, and soon to be 9. And you also homeschool? Can you see I'm doing that "I'm not worthy" bow right about now?!

pastormac said...

And it didn't cost much to fix! Yay! I LOVE that!!!