Thursday, September 07, 2006

Love Thursday

I'm joining the Love Thursday crowd over at Chookooloonks. It's easy, you should think about doing it too. Just post of picture of or story about something that depicts love (G-rated, of course) and then head over there to post that you did.

I found Chookooloonks via Mary at Owlhaven. You should surf over to both these blogs and check them out. (Warning: you'll probably get addicted.)

This is my first time playing Love Thursday. Here's my pic.

My girls.

A picture of love and a prayer perhaps.

They really do love each other. I know that they do. But at this age (14 & amost 12) they're still working out what that means, daily. Sometimes moment by moment. I'm praying that God would really knit their heart together even now; that they would see what a treasure they have in each other, and would value and care for their relationship like the jewel that it is.


Fair Love said...

Great pic for love Thursday!

Susanne said...

Lovely girls you have! I'm praying the same prayer for my 2 girls (16 and 11) and one boy (14)!

Anonymous said...

Oh that's a sweet pic.

Michelle said...

what a sweet pic of your girls!

Anonymous said...

There is no greater gift to a child than a sibling. Looks like love to me!