Friday, September 22, 2006

A Sweetanlo Happy Birthday!

Happy 14th Birthday Sweetanlo!

Today you are fourteen! Wow. Can it be that 14 years have past since your arrival ushered me into this wonderful adventure called Motherhood?

It's been a wonderful year. What joy, witnessing you maturing, stretching your individuality and becoming your own person, making more important decisions for yourself. You've chosen your friends well (or maybe they've chosen you); no matter as long as they stay. While you do have "it's all about me" moments, they don't monopolize your life and you are usually pleasantly focused on others. So brilliant, so beautiful, so friendly, a little self-conscience and fearful, so tenderhearted, so much to offer, so much to give, so much to experience and learn, so much more life to live.

It's been an interesting year. I'd have to say that it was a little unreal having my first born outgrow me. I know that you secretly enjoy putting your hands on my shoulders and looking down into my face. (Admit it!) I'm torn between awe & wonder at the amazing young lady you're becoming and sadness & melancholy at the realization that my baby is gone and our time together is fleeting. Someday soon, in a blink it seems, you'll be off on your own adventure. Will you be ready? I think so....I hope so....I pray so. (Lord, show me how I can help.)

It's been a year of intense feelings and sometime frustrations. You've boarded the emotional rollercoaster we call Womanhood. Welcome! Somedays is can be a bumpy ride. "I don't even know why I'm feeling like this." Ah yes dear. It can be puzzling at times. Chocolate can be helpful. You and your dad are more alike than either one of you know. Perhaps that why you two have your "moments." Try to remember in those times that he loves you more than life itself and only has your best in mind. I appreciate that you don't hang onto things. You let them go and seek to reconcile quickly. It's always been your nature and I'm so pleased that it's hasn't been something that you've "outgrown."

And so we face the upcoming year of life, love and learning. It will no doubt be busy and full of joys and sorrows.

But today we'll pause and revel in the wonder that is you.

Happy, blessed birthday, my precious first born, my Sweetanlo. And "many happy return of the day" as Eyeore has been know to say.

I love you.


Michelle said...

Happy 14th birthday! What a beautiful post!

Heth said...

Happy Birthday!

Beck said...

A beautiful post! I can't even imagine having a 14 year old, but you make it sound great! Happy birthday!

Mieneke said...

What an absoluty lovely Post. Sweetanlo is a very lucky young lady!

Susanne said...

A big Happy Birthday! Love your Mom's advice on the chocolate! My 16 yr. old would totally agree and tell you to make sure you follow that one to a T. :v)

Hope you had a wonderful day!

Shalee said...

This is a gorgeous tribute to a beautiful being, inside and out. And trust her on the chocolate!

May God bless you in this wonderful year of your life, and continue to knock your socks off in the years to come!!!

Many Happy Returns,


pastormac said...

Happy birthday Sweetanlo. Now that I'm back in the 21st century, I've got your birthday blog up two dates late. check it out!

Antique Mommy said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet gal! 14 is a pivotal year in a life, the sweet spot before adulthood, a time to practice being grown up. May God bless her with joy and wisdom in her coming year!