Thursday, November 16, 2006

Love Thursday #11

I love listening to your laugh.

I love your cheerful spirit.

I love your infectious smile (missing tooth and all).

I love how easy it is to get you to giggle.

I love how ticklish you are.

I love that you let your baby brother follow you around 99.9% of the time.

I love catching you quietly reading a book.

I love how you can't stay mad even though you try.

I love how ask for more school to do.

I love that you're becoming your own person (even though somedays it makes me absolute crazy).

I love watching you sing in church on Sunday mornings.

I love that you like to read cookbooks just like me.

I love being your mom.

I love that we've had seven years together.

I love that Lord willing, we'll have many more.

I love you.

Happy Belated Birthday baby!

It's time forLove Thursday.


Beck said...

Cute boy! No wonder his mama is so wild about him.

Susanne said...

Wonderful, warm and fuzzy! Tooth missing grins on boys are the best!

pastormac said...

loveable indeed!

Michelle said...

that was so sweet!!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet.

cnedaria said...

Happy Birthday! Wonderful tribute! I hope the next year brings lots of joy and adventure. Happy Love Thursday!

shaz said...

Happy Birthday!!

KaY said...

All the things about a mom loves ...

Happy birthday and happy LT!

Pass the Torch said...

How sweet!! I'll also be doing a birthday tribute this week for Deena.

I tried to come over on Thursday, but I think Blogger was being a bugger;)

I love your blog header, by the way;)

Glennia said...

What a cutie! Hope he had a wonderful, happy birthday!