Wednesday, December 20, 2006

WFMW - Christmas Edition 5

OK, so here is my last Christmas Edition Works-for-Me Wednesday installment until next year. (I know, you're all breathing a sigh of relief. Me too.)

I discovered this at Thanksgiving this year when we ended up with way more stuffing than we could or even wanted to eat. I turned the excess stuffing into a delicious topping for the turkey soup I made with the rest of the left-overs. And it's so easy to do. I might even just continue to make too much stuffing again (like I do every.single.time I make it) just so I have enough to make this again.

Here's what you do:

While your soup is cooking. Preheat oven to 350F. Chop or crumble up about 2 cups (more or less) of the left-over stuffing. Toss it with 3-4 tablespoons of melted butter. Pour into an oven-safe skillet (I used cast iron) or a cake pan. Cook for about 30 minutes stirring every 10 minutes or so as the stuffing crumbs toasty and get brown. It may take less time or a little more - just make sure they don't burn. Sprinkle on a nice steamy bowl of turkey & veggie soup and enjoy. These would probably be good on homemade mac & cheese or a potato gratin as well.

Even my picky eater enjoyed this on his soup and he doesn't even like stuffing. Works for me!

Now, go over Rocks in My Dryer. You'll probably find all sorts of help for making it through the next week with more joy and your sanity.


Amblin said...

That sounds so good! I have half a mind to make some stuffing now just to use it in this recipe for later!

Susanne said...

Yummy! I'll have to make extra stuffing as we rarely have any left. Love turkey soup.

Larae said...

Yum, sounds good! Thanks for the tip =) Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

That sounds delicious! We always have leftovers, and that's a great idea how to use them!
Merry Christmas!

Michelle said...

I'm going to have to try this!