Thursday, February 08, 2007

Love Thursday #23

Last December, I blogged about what a success our Adoption Benefit Concert was. On the Wednesday following that concert something else amazing happened. Before I tell you what it was, I need to give a little background.

Our adoption homestudy was completed late last June, only then were we able to apply for adoption grants. We applied to The Gift of Adoption and heard back rather quickly that we were refused, "not needy enough." We applied to Shaohannah’s Hope. We sent off our application and learned the wait would be three months. After three months, we were notified that, due to the overwhelming interest in adoption grants, the process was taking longer and further that we needed to submit more information. It seemed positive. At least we weren't being contacted with a negative response. We sent off the information and waited, through the month of October and through November.

As December began, everyday we approached the mailbox with excitement, and trepidation and after five months, a little impatience. Would today be the day? As each day passed, the anticipation mounted.

On the Wednesday following our concert, I was home with two of the kids. (Amazing how staying home with just two kids can seem like being alone!) I was in the kitchen finishing the dishes and suddenly I just had the sense that today would be the day. Right now, I was going to walk out to the mailbox and our letter would be inside. I wasn't sure if the answer whould be "yes" or "no" but at least we'd have an answer. So I went out to check the mail and sure enough, there it was.

I brought the letter inside and set it on the counter. I would wait until we were all together to open it. A couple of hours later, we were all home and Pastormac opened and read,

"On behalf of Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife, Mary Beth, we are pleased to notify you that you have been approved for an adoption assistance grant in the amont of $3,000."

There was much rejoicing!

And so just like that, in one week's time we had all the rest of the money that we needed to be able to send our dossier to our agency. Amazing.

Our dossier was in Washington DC early this week (Interesting story about that here) and yesterday it began the journey to Ethiopia!

Love Thursday & Love Is All Around.


Nichole said...

That's awesome!

Beck said...

HURRAY! Wonderful news!
That is so great. I hope things move QUICKLY!

Mom2One said...

What wonderful news!! Hearty congratulations!!

n.b. said...

Wow, congratulations! It seems like a very involved process, and I am sure every little bit of help counts. May it all go forward on eagle's wings!

Susanne said...

Ann, that is sooooo exciting! Praying the rest goes very quickly now.

meredith said...

That's great news! I'll be following your adoption story, a great example of love :)

shannon said...

Congratulations! We just began our process to bring home a baby from the Philippines, and the length of the waiting is going to drive me crazy!

crissybug said...

What a feeling of excitement and Joy! Congratulations. One of my close friends has adopted a little girl from Russia and then one from the states. Adoption is such a journey. Even as much as a pregnancy. I hope your journey is filled with much joy, and can't wait to see what is yet to come. I am sure you will keep us posted.

5KidMom said...

Praise God!! He is so faithful!

Michelle said...

That is awsome how that all worked out for you! Prayers have been answered; I'm so happy you're moving forward now!

Cakes said...

oh yay! I am so excited for you guys!! My friend just brought home the biological sister of her first daughter from Ethiopia. It was such a frustrating and magical journey!

Prayers for your family...all of them, wherever they are.