Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Sure am glad I dropped by Mary's. Her WFMW tip is not only a really good one that I've tried myself, I was also reminded that tomorrow is Wednesday. I was thinking that tomorrow was Tuesday!

Here's my idea.

Instead of threaten my little boys (5 & 7) with dire consequences should they give the babysitter (usually their older sister) a hard time while I'm gone, I make them each a "Babysitter's Assistant." As assistants, they are to be helpful, cheerful, obedient. and NO fighting. Upon my return, if the babysitter reports to me they have done a good job as assistants, they then are "paid" with a star each. The boys save their stars and use them to "buy" special treats like an ice cream at DQ or a small toy.

This works so well for us. I haven't had a problem with leaving the boys with their sister since I instituted this plan. I appreciate that it encourages their good behavior instead of threaten negative results for bad behavior. It's made all the difference in the world for my boys.

Definitely works for me!

Now you can go on over to Shannon's to see what's working for a bunch of other ladies.


Overwhelmed! said...

Ann, this is a wonderful idea!

I must confess, the only baby sitters Snuggle Bug gets to stay with is family or close friends with children his age. So far, we've had no misbehaving incidences, but as he gets older, I'll keep this idea in mind. :)

Shalee said...

Oh this is an excellent tip! I'm going to talk to them about this most fantastic idea.

Susanne said...

Brilliant Ann, just brilliant!

Kathleen Marie said...

This is a wonderful idea! I'll pass this onto my daughter for future reference. Thanks!

Jerri said...

I really enjoy all your WFMW's I've been able to get lots of good ideas from you and the others. I especially like this one.