Thursday, May 24, 2007

Still waiting....(sigh!)

Another day past and we haven't heard any news about Bear. We don't know if our case went to court again, was postponed or was delayed due to missing documents. Our case worker said she wouldn't call unless she had news so we are left to wait. And try not to worry about what may be causing the delay.

In the meantime, when I'm not staring at her picture marveling that she's my daughter, I've started putting together a little pile of things for my Lem Lem. And would I ever love to include this little number made by Tutu Fantasy to the pile. She would just look adorable. 5 Minutes for Mom is giving one away. Head over there to sign up your little ballerina for a chance to win.


Susanne said...

Hang in there Ann. Praying you'll hear very quickly!

Michelle said...

well how frustrating that you didn't hear anything one way or the other about the court date!