Tuesday, June 05, 2007

No news...

No news. Nada. Nothing. We have no news on Bear's status. Did we have a successful court date? Is he ours yet or not? Good questions. All we have is no news. So more waiting.

To cheer myself up I'll finally getting around to posting about a really fun thing I participated in a long while back. Before Easter, I dropped by PEA's Corner and noticed that she was hosting a "Bunny Swap." Those signing up, received a partner and the two were to exchange care packages filled with Easter-themed items. Sounded like fun so I added my name. My "Bunny Swap" partner was Aaron's Momma. I had a really fun time shopping for her. I used her "100 things about me" list to get ideas on what she might like. And I was thrilled to come home one day and find the box of goodies she sent me. The biggest blessing was making a new friend.

Our caseworker is going to try again tomorrow to find out if anything has happened with Bear. Perhaps I'll have good news to share then.


Renee said...

Oh (((Ann)))),

I am so sorry!

I have been hoping and praying, and will continue to!


Raskell Party of 8 said...

I will continue to pray. God knows and your babies will be home soon!

Susanne said...

Praying there is good news tomorrow!

What a sweet gift and how smart of you to look at a hundred list to get ideas of likes.

Anne said...

It's SO hard to wait...thinking of you!