Wednesday, June 20, 2007


A quick WFMW today since I just finished the second night of VBS and I'm beat.

I'm the mother of 5 very fair-skinned children. 5 easily-sunburned kids. Until I figured out this WFMW, I often found myself arriving at an outdoor destination without any sunscreen. Had we remembered to put some on before we left? Sometimes yes, but often no. And what about the times that we ended up in a sunny situation by chance? You can probably deduce the results. Krispy kids. Oh the guilt!!

So I solved this problem by putting a bottle of sun screen in each of our vehicles. Now we are prepared for sunny events.

Sunscreen on the go. Works for me.

More great WFMW tips.


Halfmoon Girl said...

Simple ideas are the best! I like the Faudder's Day story. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Beck said...

That's smart! I have a family of little pale kids, too and The Boy got sunburned on the weekend! Oh, the guilt.

Cara said...

That's a great idea. I keep sunscreen in the diaper bag, but I don't always have that monster with me. And sun hats... those are all over the place but seldom to be found when I need them.

Barbara H. said...

Great idea. I forget it all too often.

Bo Tai-tai said...

I have sunscreen in my purse and my backpack. I guess that is because I don't have a car to put it in. Great idea.

mistihollrah said...

I do something similiar. I have the small Land's End Bag that has 2 different sunscreens, bug spray, BioFreeze, chap stick, small cash ($5.00 or less), my calendar & book that I'm reading. I carry this to soccer games, baseball games, etc. I also have everything that I need.

The bag even has a spot to clip my keys on & my cell phone fits in the bag as well.

Susanne said...

"Krispy kids". That's funny. Well, not that they were that, but the name you gave it. ;v)

Great idea!

Kimmie said...

Oh yes, the sunscreen ...we have some in each car too, also in several bathrooms and closets in the house. The funny thing is most of the time I STILL forget to put it on us. sigh ;-)

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted
(come meet us!)

Mayhem said...

Hey, good idea! I need to re-stock our van with essentials (spare underwear, snacks, etc) and sunscreen would be a great addition.

painted maypole said...

i do this, too. I did read, though, that you should replace it every year as the heat degrades it somehow and makes it less potent. A tip for you! ;)