Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thematic Photographic - Happy

I'm thinking of making Carmi's Thematic Photographic Challenge a regular post each week. I appreciate his encouragement to look at and capture life's moments in a different ways. This week's theme is "happy." So many ways to look at happy.

My photo's from last week's Photo Hunters actually fit pretty well. But with Carmi's challenge in mind, I looked through my recent photos for some that spoke "happy" to me. These are the photos I've chosen.

Last Sunday afternoon my oldest daughter, Sweetanlo, celebrated her Sweet 16 Birthday with four of her dearest friends and her younger sister, Sweetly. We planned an old-fashioned candy-making party; complete with taffy-pulling, fudge making and homemade lollipops. While the fudge was cooling, there was time to go out in the backyard and take some photos. Here are just a small sampling of the pictures I took that afternoon. I suggested some poses and then let them decide what to do. Once they got started, I just kept snapping photos. There was much giggling and laughing. I love how I can "feel" the laughter in these photos, especially in the photos that were actually "in-between" the posed photos. These girls have know each other for nearly their whole lives and love each other deeply. Being together makes them happy. Seeing them together makes me happy too.

(click on a picture to make it bigger so you can really see their facial expressions!)


ChrissyM said...

Looks like a very happy time.

Bonggamom said...

Happy Sweet Sixteen to your daughter! What wonderful photos!

JC said...

These are so much fun! Thanks for the smile :-)