Monday, November 24, 2008

Thematic Photographic - Broken

Carmi's Thematic Photographic Challenge for the week was "broken." Carmi and his Thematic Photographic contributors have come up with some very creative photos expressing the theme. For instance, check out Barb's amazing sea shell pictures! The ocean sure is rough on shells before it tosses them upon the beach.

Sometimes life can be rough on us and toss us around too.



Leora said...

Ouch! You are reminding me of when my son was 4, my husband took him bowling, and he came home all in tears after 5 minutes of bowling. He had dropped the ball on his finger.

Thanks for visiting my broken pottery.

Mojo said...

Simple fracture of the fourth metacarpal. Painful. Looks like there may have been a good deal of swelling going on there too.

I've got an x-ray that looks sort of like the reverse of this one. The fourth metacarpal is one of the few bones that isn't broken.

But I learned a good bit about hands from the experience. More than I really wanted to know actually.

JC said...

Oh, you can say that again! Cool pic but ouch!

Love the LP bowl in your next post... very cool!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all yours!

Carmi said...

That is a scary-looking break! Brings back painful memories of my son's broken leg last autumn.

You have my prayers for afast, easy and comfortable recovery.

Carmi said...

Oops, shouldn't type with one hand...sorry for the typo.

Make that "a fast"!