Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Thematic Photographic - Quiet

Carmi is about to post a new Thematic Photographic Challenge. But before he does, I'm going to squeeze in and post these photos of this week's theme, "quiet."

As you can imagine, life in a family of nine reaches pretty high decibels. Somedays I feel like my head going to downright explode from the noise. So I cherish this magical time, though too brief, when quiet descends on our home like a warm blanket and cuddles us with it's warm embrace. That magical quiet called naptime.


Pamela said...

I was the youngest of eight children. I don't remember the noise, probably because I was the tail end of it.

Now that I'm a grandmother - boy howdy do I ever hear the noise the little ones make.

pastormac said...

They're so cute!