Thursday, January 15, 2009

Able to leap piles of laundry in a single bound...

Our boy, Bear, (he's almost 4) has been home from Ethiopia for a little less than a year now. In what seems like a short time, he has become deeply ingrained in all things Super Hero. Batman being his favorite.

He loves watching the cartoons, looking through the comic books and pretending to be Batman himself. Recently, he has even started putting this on Batman cape and standing in front of a fan watching it flutter.

As you can imagine, he and I spend many many conversations discussing these heros.
Who flies.
Who swings.
What color do they wear?
Who are the bad guys?
Who punches?
Who runs?
Who kicks?
Why does Superman wear a cape?
What's on Batman's chest?
Why does Spiderman swing or Captain American run so fast.

Some of these questions are difficult to answer and I end up sounding like this, "Superman wears blue and red because...well...he's... Superman." Lame, I know.

Sometimes though, God gives us little gifts. The other night we had this conversation as I was serving his dinner.

Bear: "Why you wearing that shirt?" pointing to my sleeve as I put down his plate in front of him.
Me, trying to come up with some reason for my clothing selection of the day: "Because I'm the mom."
Bear: "You a Super Hero?"
Me, smiling to myself, "Well, somedays, son. Somedays I am."


Vader's Mom said...

That picture is amazingly cute!!! And I must admit - you are a superhero to me!

Butterfly Mama said...

Sweet! I love that photo.

My four year old is SO into super hero's and I've answered many of those questions too.

The other day my husband caught my son putting glue from a gluestick on his finger tips and asked him why he was doing that...the 4yo replied "So that I can have sticky fingers like spiderman."

Enjoy superhero life!!


pastormac said...

Your my favorite superhero!

Susanne said...

He is totally adorable! And you are a superhero mom for sure!

musicmama said...

Yes, my friend- you are indeed a Superhero! Anyone who can do laundry, cook a meal, grade a spelling test, and discipline a wayward child all at the same time (while finding a band-aid), is a superhero!

musicmama said...
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Bonggamom said...

That is so cute!

Antique Mommy said...