Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Once upon a time, I used to blog here. But unlike some friends I have who find writing to be cathartic, writing is difficult to me and I sweat over and mull each word. So when life became so full, I just didn't. And every time I tried, I just couldn't.

But, after a full year's hiatus, I'm back to give it a go. My daughter, Sweetly, and I are going to post a photo (at least) a day. We're starting a few days past the first of the year.

I'm doing a 360 - a full turn around from not blogging at all to posting at least a photo a day for rest of 2011. Maybe I'll be inspired to write some other posts too.

For now, a photo will do.

1/360 - Afternoon Light on the Sandias

There's never a bad time - winter, spring, summer or fall, to gaze upon these majestic Sandia Mountains.


Kate said...

I completely understand the fretting over writing...but I'm glad you are posting pictures! It's one way I get to stay connected with you, darling!

Love you and LOVE both of the new pictures this year!

Susanne said...

Well, lookey here. Welcome back, so nice to see you popping up in the reader. :v)