Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

So much for which I'm thankful.


Ms. Kathleen said...

You do indeed! What a beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

The book of love,

I was reading corinthians where the holy spirit fills us and I realised that yes, we may all be profits in God's eyes. So I've decided to share my views with others and I call this the book of love.

Whilst there are times where it's necessary to hit our children to save their lives, I believe God gave children a willingness to learn and be good, we need to use this positive re-inforcement as much as possible to relay our messages to the children we raise, being a mother is one of the most difficult, tiring jobs yet it is such an important part of our society we live in. Children who become bored begin to act up and be naughty this is attention seeking behaviour, it's a message to us to leave the housework and focus on what our child needs, our attention and love.
Many christians take the smack the child approach to far, Jesus intended for the children to come to him, to come to us, it's about love.

Another issue on my mind is about a mother's role and responsibility to her daughters, we need to guide them, protect them, we need to watch them esp. at the age where they are not old enough to know what they are doing, yet curiosity leads them to men, we need to strongly teach our daughters about relationships for love and not sex. To be fulfilled, the reason why we do this is because women's right are children's rights and the less boyfriends one has, the better a mother you can be one day.
The times have changed so fast, since my grandmother we are out working, there is birth control, I see so many young girls who are pressured into promiscous lifestyles unequipped with the tools to protect themselves. We as mother's have a serious job to do nowadays we are the keepers of the family, of the little ones.
Since the Anglican church has condoned divorce, and so many churches have followed with less rules, we are not advised by the anglican church how a divorced women may survive with kids, often women are not bread earners or struggle in the work place, women may also have one divorce after another yet, look at the results of this, women nowadays do not have rights, men are like snakes feeding on sexual immorality.
But still I live with him and he does not want to marry, and I feel badly to have to ask him as the women.
How do we protect children and babies today from perverts? We can lengthen school dresses, we can take away the make-up we can teach girls what to wear to church (WE CAN SEND THE RIGHT MESSAGE ACCROSS) but is this enough? Others are welcome to respons here with their HOLY SPIRIT DIVINATIONS.
What makes me so angry is that the old testament has a book where they explain "in god's vain" how one may treat the sex slave as a land owner, the 10 commandments strictly state NO ADULTRY! So as a christian I sayhow do we love God above ourselves and treat our neighbours as we'd like them to treat us? I am against churches that go around calling themselves God's Annointed or people who say they are God's chosen people, We are all created in the image of God.

I appeal to men, to consider spirituality above carnal pleasures, I urge you to remember when you were small and looked with a broken home up to a mother and father and I ask you to consider if you really believe that "sexually using women" is right, a 40 year old virgin is less digraceful than a 16 yr old ridden with siphlus.

You are welcome to contact me with your views: