Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Late getting my WFMW post up. We're up to our armpits in room repainting. I finally broke down and told my girls they could re-do their room. (I'll post a picture when we're done.) Anyway, I thought about just waiting until next week, but frankly I'm sick seeing that bag of fish at the top of my blog so I'm going to go ahead and post.

My daughter, Rummy, has been wanting to plant a little garden for a couple of years. I've been reticent because while I'd love to be a gardener like, Mary or Carol or Hiraeth, I just haven't found that I have the patience for it. However, this last Sunday, a dear friend from church gave us a couple of little seedlings. She had more than she needed and couldn't bare to throw them away. I accepted them gratefully, knowing that Rummy would be thrilled.

I was starting small. It seemed manageable. But I wanted to plant them close enough to the house so that watering them would be easier and wanted some kind of raised planting bed because planting at ground level seemed so...well...down on the ground. Gardening has no attraction to me when it means I have to crawl around on hands and knees to do it.

So I took this:

I picked a location close to house so that Rummy wouldn't have any trouble watering it each day, with an extra bonus being that it is within sight of the back door so it's hard to forget. I drilled drainage holes in the bottom, put a little gravel in and then filled it with a couple of 25lb bags of brand new garden soil. Then I planted my two little plants and a couple more I bought.

Viola! Garden in a box. Works for me!

This is a couple of days later. And they're still ALL ALIVE!

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Alexandra said...

Those do make great gardening pots! I use recycled giant plastic buckets and drill holes in the like a charm. You storage bins work well for deep rooted veggies too.

Anonymous said...

I love container gardening. It's impossible to get anything to grow in native Texas dirt. So for us, container is the only way to go!

Susanne said...

Oh you and me are so alike. I don't like gardening so much either. But I do looooove fresh home grown tomatoes. And this is a great idea for them.

Beck said...

That's so SMART!
I can't garden at all - I kill all plants.

Anonymous said...

Hey, great idea (once again)! We have a big planting pot on our front step, but it's hard to move around. I like your idea of covering the surface so weeds have a harder time growing.

Jan/ said...

What a great idea! I so do not have the green thumb gene, but I might just possibly be able to do something like this.

painted maypole said...

ha ha... i just got back from my vacation to take a look at my struggling vegetable garden. The tomatos seem to be doing fine (of course, my husband is the only one in the family who will eat them) but the pepper plants? the veggies that last year we couldn't pick faster than we gave them away? something must be eating them. They are small and sad looking. And I have no idea how to make them better.

Beck said...

Tag, you're it!

Carol said...

Love this! What a great way for little ones to have their very own gardens so they don't dig up Mama's prize geraniums...not that mine have won any prizes or anything.