Thursday, January 24, 2008

Today You Are Six.

You are...

  • incredibly smart

  • sweetly sensitive

  • thoughtfully serious

  • geographically inclined

  • startlingly handsome

  • prone to pacing

  • a picky eater

  • wound a little too tight at times

  • a blankie collector

  • pacingly impatient

  • forever my baby

  • newly a big brother

  • an accomplished reader

  • refreshingly innocent

  • Wii remotely skilled

  • dear to my heart

And today you are six. Happy Birthday my love, my dear one.

Love Thursday is back.


Susanne said...

The big six. Happy, happy birthday!

Beck said...

I love six. My little guy just turned six on the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Just saying hi. I got a new computer at work and I lost your url. Now that love Thursday is back, I found you again.

Thanks for helping me fondly remember 6. Mine is 10 now. 10 is great too, but I miss 6, which makes me realize how much I will miss 10 too!