Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Just One Day Left!

Well, day three is drawing to a close and it was a very good day.

Sweetanlo spent last night at a sleep-over and had big plans with her friend for the morning so we didn't expect to see her until well after lunchtime.

We've had a screw stuck in one of the van tires for a while causing a very slow leak. Today I figured we'd kill half the day going down to Discount Tires to get the tire fixed. One less thing for Pastormac to do when he gets back. So the guys and I packed into the Red Roaster and headed down there. The good news was that because we purchased the tire there, the cost of the repair would be covered. Yay! Bad news - the wait was an hour and a half. (I wasn't surprised.) We left the van there and took a leisurely walk up the street a few blocks to the IHOP for lunch. The guys were great! #1 Son had french toast & bacon. He loves bacon! Joe Cool had chicken strips and fries. Shorty ordered the big pancake with a face in whipped cream, but didn't really eat much of it. Although he did have fun sampling small bites with every different kind of syrup. I had a delicious chicken club sandwich. The folks sitting next to us made a point of mentioning what great guys I had, and they were right!

The way back to the tire shop went right by the Krispy Kreme Donut Store. We stopped in for donuts (How could we resist?!) When I discovered that getting the four of us one donut each was going to cost nearly as much as a dozen donuts, I opted for the dozen. Ah, the sacrifices we make to save money! (And we have donuts for tomorrow too!)

By then, it was time to pick up the van.

Back home, there was a voice-mail message from a friend inviting us to join them at the pool. I always debate about going to pool - it never sounds as fun before we go as it actually turns out when we do actually go. But today it sounded like it was worth the hassle....And it was! Sweetanlo got home just in the nick of time to go with us! We called and invited a good friend of #1 Son to go along with us. She lives close and she got left behind from the conference too. Sparks is a sweet sweet gal. It was a beautiful warm afternoon, the pool wasn't crowded, and I really enjoyed chatting with friends while our kids swam around us. Sweetanlo was there to help me catch Joe Cool coming off the water slide. #1 Son and Sparks swam together without giving me a worry. And I was thrilled that Shorty had so much fun playing in the water, by himself, since last summer all he would do was sit in my lap in the water with his little vise-grip arms held tightly around my neck. We had a wonderful time staying until the pool closed and then dropped Sparks off at her house on the way home.

Back home we had an easy cool dinner of chicken salad. We watched a little TV together. The kids were bouncing off the furniture, literally! But everyone was pretty beat and went to sleep quickly at bedtime.

Ah, the quiet. How nice.

Just got make it through tomorrow. Sparks might come over for a while and #1 Son has drama class in the afternoon.

Talked to Pastormac and Rummy tonight. The conference has been good, but they sound ready to come home. If all goes as planned, they should be home by dinnertime. Yay!


Anne said...

Happy homecoming!!!!

pastormac said...

thanks Anne, for the wellwishes. It's good to be home!