Thursday, July 13, 2006

10 by #1 Son

Note to readers, following in the footsteps of Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer who let her nine year old blog on his birthday, I'm letting #1 Son have a post today. He's listing 10 things about himself (one for each year and one to grow on.)

10 by #1 Son

Today I'm nine years old! Boy I've been waiting for this day! I haven't opened my presents yet, but I'm really hoping to get a iPod shuffle. You can listen to music where ever you go because it's so portable and pretty small and luckily not too easy to break. And I like going to the iTunes Store online. I have a bunch of songs I'd like to buy - Katharine McFhee, Krystal Meyers, Kelly Clarkson.

Here's my list of 10 things.

1. I was born at 3:02AM so I've actually been nine for 7 hours already!

2. I like to sing and would really like to be a famous singer and/or actor when I grow up.

3. One thing I like to do is design clothes. I'd like to be a fashion designer.

4. I am right in the middle of the kids in my family. Two sisters older than me and two brothers younger than me.

5. This summer, I'm going to a Drama Class twice a week. Later this month we have a performance. I'm a little nervous but I'll be ready.

6. I really really love American Idol. I think Katharine McPhee should have won.

7. I definitely want to be a Dad when I grow up.

8. I like to climb things. I'm pretty good at it.

9. Pretty soon I won't be in the middle of the kids anymore because we're adopting a little boy and a little girl from Ethiopia. I'm happy about that. I wish it didn't take so long.

10. I'm a melancholy, sometimes I wish Jesus would just go ahead and come back.


Mieneke said...

A very Happy Birthday to you Number One Son! Hope you had a great day! Excellent job on the post!

shannon @ rocks in my dryer said...

Happy birthday, Pastormac's boy! It sounds like you and my 9-year-old boy have a lot in common. YOu two should be pen pals!

Have a great celebration and enjoy your I-Tunes.

Thankfulmom said...

Thanks for writing such a great post. You sound like a neat boy and fabulous son. I bet you are a great blessing to your mom and dad.

pastormac said...

happy Birthday son. I'm a bit melancholy myself this week, missing your birthday!

Looking forward to our celebration when we return.

Love you!

(Great job on the blog!)

Shelton said...

You did such a wonderful job reading your testimony at church that I'm sure that bodes well for your acting career. You've got great stage presence.

Hope you had a great birthday!

Sparks said...

Im glad my friend is happy to be 9
I know he he'll be relly happy when he is 10 and I'm happy to be your friend! Can't wait to see you :)

Shalee said...

Oh, I'm late... But Happy Birthday none the less.

What a treat to hear from you. You did a fabulous blog entry, by the way.

My favorite one is that you definitely want to be a dad!

Blessings to you!