Thursday, July 13, 2006

Today You Are Nine.

We weren't expecting you so soon. Your sisters had made us wait, and wait, and wait. We never thought that you would be... early. But there we were, standing outside after family pictures, waving to all your aunts and uncles and cousins as they drove away, pretending like we would meet them at the restaurant like we planned. We'd have to call them and tell them we weren't coming. There we were, standing in a puddle. You were coming! We made our way to the hospital after a quick trip home. We hadn't packed a bag yet, we thought you'd give us at least another week.

What an amazing difference - to be able to lay in bed and labor, to actually do nothing and have contractions! Your sisters made me work a lot more and a lot longer. Your aunts and uncles and cousins came after dinner. They brought me oranges. They laughed and talked and watched on the monitor as the contractions came and went. They helped time pass. When labor came in earnest, they said their goodnights with gentle kisses. Then we were alone, your papa and me. After midnight, I lay awaiting your arrival. The pain was numbed. I was supposed to be resting or sleeping. But I was praying. "Please God, I want a boy!" And then just after 3 AM, there you were: all 9lbs 2oz. of your amazing male self.

My boy. My #1 Son.

Can it be? That nine years have come and gone since that day?

Happy 9th Birthday, baby! I love you.

Always remember that God knew just what He was doing making you the first of Pastormac's boys.


pastormac said...

#1 Son stole all your comments this blog!

I'm sure he enjoyed getting to blog. See you all soon!

Oh and the girls here all wish him a happy birthday. (They overheard my phone call to him.)

Beck said...

Happy birthday to your boy - he sounds like a terrific kid!

Cmommy said...

Aaww, you captured such great memories with that post!

(thanks for visiting me!--I bookmarked you & will be back :-)C