Friday, July 21, 2006

Ok, so I took the test and I’m not as nerdy as Shannon but a whole lot more nerdy than Pastormac! (That surprised me.)

I thought I'd be more nerdy but I’m just a nerd wannabe.

Not nerdy, but definitely not hip. (The "not hip" part I knew before I took the test. Now it's your turn, take the Nerd Test

Update: Shelton asked for Pastormac's score. He only scored an 11! I figured he'd be a lot nerdier than I am because he's more computer-savvy than I am.


Shelton said...

My score is 51, "Lightly Nerdy." I think I should get something for scoring the same nerdy number as my age. (Kind of like when a golfer shoots his age.)

So, what was Pastormac's? 'Fess up.

Sweetanlo said...

My score was 7, despises nerds. Definitely not nerdy, I am probably cool

pastormac said...

As my wife mentioned my score was 11. I'm thinking my saving grace was that I am an Apple user. Mac's are definitely cool! (how's that for stirring up contversy!) Anyway, I ranked as "definitely not nerdy, but definitely not cool either." come to think of it this was exactly my niche in highscool--not really anything. Not cool enough for cools, not smart enough for nerds, not athletic enough for the jocks, not bad enough for the thugs and on and on. So, in true Highschool fashion I created an identity out of what I had. Ihung out with a gang of folks who were all not quite anything. We were all mediocre enough at everything to be in the not quite anything group. We were kind of the breakfast club of our highschool, a mismatched group of riffraff, but not scruffy enough to be rifraff of course.

Beck said...

I scored over 50. I won't mention what my husband's was (way, way, way over 50). He is such a nerd, but in a great way!

Mr Whipple said...

WOO HOO!!!!! I scored an 81 on the nerd scale. Sharmen called it right.

Anonymous said...

I got a 91. The scary part is, if I had done this a few years ago, it would have been about a 98.