Wednesday, July 19, 2006


We haven't always had space to store hand-me-down clothes that were waiting for the next child's use. We didn't have an attic or a garage and the closets were just too small for boxes and boxes of boys and girls clothes. With a large family, we wanted to keep those clothes but had to come up with some creative ways to packing them away.

I got this idea from a missionary friend and have since used it for years.

I store hand-me-downs sorted according to seasons and gender in 33 gallon rubbermaid garbage cans. (Of course, the trash cans were brand new when we started.) I line them up along the fence in our yard and pull them up beside the back door when I'm swapping clothes in and out each season. I make sure the clothes are clean and ready to wear for the next person, put a dryer sheet at the bottom and in go the clothes. I put the clothes I think will be used next on top and go down from there. Once the lids are firmly snapped, they're water-tight and can't be chewed through by bugs or animals. Works for me!

There are hundreds (really!) of other great ideas over at Rocks in My Dryer! Check them out!


Amber said...

that is the best idea.....I love it!

Grammy said...

I've never heard of anyone doing that, but it makes absolute sense - now that you say it. Just be careful. My friend was storing all of the new quilts from grandma in big black garbage bags and someone threw them out! No that is painful.

Thankfulmom said...

Now that is a good idea! When all of my children were little, I stored everything by the type of clothing rather than size, which helped me not to miss something that fit them, even if it was marked a different size. I had boxes labeled "Boy long sleeve shirts", "Little girl dresses", etc. It was a good system for that time.

pastormac said...

I've always thought this was a good idea.

Smart and beautiful--what a great combo!

Mel said...

That is a very clever idea!