Sunday, November 12, 2006

Eight at Seven by Joe Cool

Joe Cool turned seven years old today. So in following suit with what I did for #1 Son and Sweetanlo, I'm honoring him by giving him the blog to post a list of his own.(I helped a little bit.) Here's his list, one for each year and one to grow on.

Eight at Seven by Joe Cool

Hi all. Glad to be here. Let's get right to it.

  • 1. I like being homeschooled and math and grammar are my favorite subject. Really I like all the subjects.

  • 2. I like going places.

  • 3. I like games of all kinds - board games, video games, card games, games I make up, game shows.

  • 4. I love watching Survivor, American Idol and Amazing Race. (This picture is me dressed up like Jeff Probst, the host from Survivor.)

  • 5. I enjoy meeting people. Really I do.

  • 6. I really like going to eat at restaurants. Chicken is my favorite food.

  • 7. My favorite color is yellow.

  • 8. I collect duckies and I also like stuffed animals, especially bears and puppies.

That was fun. See you again next year!


Heth said...

Happy birthday!

Beck said...

Happy birthday, Joe! My seven-year-old LOVES American Idol, too - it must be a cool seven-year-old kid thing.
Have a fun day! Eat lots of cake!

Susanne said...

Happy Birthday! You make an awesome Jeff Probst number 2. Great list!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday!

What a fun thing you're doing having them write up their own lists!

Beck said...

Happy birthday, cool kid! You have very good taste!