Friday, February 16, 2007

A Call

Since we sent in our dossier, we've certainly been more motivated to answer the phone. When it rings, we think, "It could be The Call, our referral call." Yesterday though, we missed a call. Wouldn't you know it, that the call would be from our caseworker? And by the time we checked the messages it was too late to call back.

So, we got a call this morning from our CWA caseworker. But it turned out that it wasn't The Call for us. It turned out to be a referral call but after much thought and family discussion and prayer, we decided that it wasn't our referral. We know. We are convinced that our referral will come. It will come, in the perfect time.

It was a quiet sober day for us. But we know that for another waiting family, it was an amazing wonderful beautiful day. Our amazing wonderful beautiful day is coming.

Michelle asked some really great questions in her comment. Once our dossier was authenicated, approved and sent to Ethiopia, we were finally eligible to be matched with children that are available for adoption through our agency. Sometimes, families feel lead to adopt children who are already on a waiting list and so they already have children in mind. However, we are not one of those families. For us, a referral call is when our adoption caseworker calls us to say that she has children that have come into their care that might be "the ones" for us. We are approved to adopt two children under age 2, and we've requested that they be a boy and a girl and hopefully (but not necessarily siblings.) We are not required to accept a referral, so there is room for God to make it clear that these may or may not be the children for us.


Michelle said...

I'm sorry I don't know what a referral call means - can you explain it?

I thought it might mean they have a child(ren) to match you with? But don't you already have 2 children specifically you're trying to adopt?

Either way I'm sorry this wasn't your call, but I hope it comes soon!

Susanne said...

Ohhh, hoping your call comes quickly!

Beck said...

I can't even imagine what it must be like to wait for that call! I'm hoping that it comes SOON.

Michelle said...

thanks for answering my questions and explaining it to me- it makes sense now!

Kate M said...

Sweetie, I'm praying with you for the perfect children God has designed for your precious family. I can't imagine the anguish of your recent decision but continue to raise you all up before our blessed Father, knowing that He has planned your steps all along the way and His timing is perfect. I'm also praying for peace, joy and rest in the midst of the time of waiting.

Love and hugs,

Shalee said...

Your referral will come. God is in complete control and we all know that his timing is so much better than ours.

And the explanation really did clear things up in my head.

5KidMom said...

Good for you for listening to God, instead of caving to the emotions of the moment. As hard as it might be to say "No", and wait longer, the right match is the most important thing.

You, and your family, are in my prayers!