Thursday, March 01, 2007

Love Thursday #25

Love is...

He didn't want to help. He didn't want to help fold the napkins before we sat down to dinner. But he did help, albeit grudgingly. I helped him with one and then he folded another, a yellow one. He put it on top of the stack. And then, just like a ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds, he was so happy and proud and impressed with how the napkins looked in the basket.
"We should take a picture and show everyone." he concluded. "They would like to see all the beautiful colors."
"We could do that." I told him.
"You know how to do that?" he asked puzzled.
"Yes, I do." my sweet sweet baby boy, who makes my heart burst with love. "Yes, I do."

I missed Love Thursday last week and I really really missed it. Love Is All Around.


meredith said...

Happy Love Thursday, I predict you have a future towel folder, tell him he did a good job :)

Jody said...


My daughter helps me "fold" the kitchen towels. We havge fun with it too!

Happy love Thursday

Mom2One said...

How sweet! And I love seeing all the pretty colors!!

(glad you're feeling better!)

Beck said...

What a sweet, sweet boy. And those are lovely springy sunshiney colours!

Sophie said...

That is so sweet! Tell him that indeed we do love seeing all the pretty colors!

Susanne said...

He was right! The colors do look great! And what a good fold job he did!

Very sweet!

Tabitha said...

This post is so pure that all that I think to say is "awww." Oh, and I love all of the beautiful colors!

n.b. said...

I like your mix of napkin colors! Ours are very dull...but were a generous gift that I haven't had the heart to replace especially as they are proving very hard wearing (darn it!) I'd much prefer some of those spring colors that you have.

Your son did such a nice job...and his Mom posting the photo will be a big reinforcer (good job, Mom!)

Kara said... sweet.

Mieneke said...

What a honey! And I love the rainbow that your stack of napkins made. The Munchkin told me once, with a breathless voice, that rainbows make her SO happy. Could have just eater her up!