Friday, May 11, 2007


What's this? Tagged TWICE in one week?! That's never happened before. So what if it's basically the same meme?? I've been tagged.

Susanne tagged me with the "7 Random Things about Me" meme. And Julie (whose book, Chocolate Beach I strongly recommended in this post) tagged me with the "8 Random Things about Me" meme.

One list should suffice.

  • 1. I enjoy cooking in all it's many forms. I like watching others cook either in person or on TV. I read cookbooks just for fun and subscribe to several cooking magazines. I like talking about cooking. And I enjoy cooking new recipes and old favorites. And it goes without saying that I like eating what's been cooked too.

  • 2. I got engaged on a Friday evening, in April, just after sunset, by a waterfall. It was very romantic.

  • 3. Growing up, I took piano for many years from a lady named Perky Tietze. I kid you not. She was just Mrs. Tietze to me, but I distinctly remember my mom calling her, "Perky." Yup, Perky Tietze. She was an excellent musican and teacher; she taught me a lot.

  • 4. I don't like black licorice.

  • 5. I'm allergic to coffee.

  • 6. I have green eyes. The same color as my mom's eyes. However none of my five children have the same color eyes as me. Theirs are all blues, blue-greens, or hazel. (Pastormac has blue eyes.)

  • 7. During my senior year in college I got trigeminal neuralgia. Luckily (?!) it was caused by two absessed teeth and once I had root canals it went away.

  • 8. I'm a huge Wallace & Gromit fan. When I watch the movies now I have to be careful not to quote all the lines (that can be so annoying to the people watching with me).

That was fun. So I'll spread the fun around. I'm tagging WAYA, Pastormac, Sweetanlo, Our Gaggle of Girls, Shaz, Katie's Mommy, Jody, and Meredith. Come on, everyone's doing it!


Julie Carobini said...

You're such a good sport :))

And we LOVE Wallace & Gromit too! "It's the CHEESE, Gromit!" LOL

rachel said...

We love Wallace & Gromit too! I haven't watched enough to know all the lines, though.

Cool 8 things. I'll work on mine. And thanks for telling me you tagged mehtt - I've been busy offline and haven't been reading much!

shaz said...

haha @ #3! :)

Susanne said...

ALLERGIC TO COFFEE??!! May it never be! How can there be such a thing?! I'm going to have to have to go lay down and put a cool cloth on my head now! 8vO

Waterfalls and sunsets, can't get better than that!

Great list. But I really thing seeing it was two "different" tags one with 7 and one with 8 that you should really have to come up with 7 more! :vD (Just kidding)

Cherrye said...

Coffee allergy? I, too, and extremely upset for you. I guess I'll have to have an extra espresso a day just for you! :-)

In fact, I am off right now!

Julie said...

Add me to the "drinking an extra cup b/c Ann can't" club!

Thanks for the tag. I'll post it later today!

shaz said...

ok, I did mine :)

wayabetty said...

This looks like a fun meme to do...I'm game! Thanks for the tag. Now, I have to think of something random about myself.

I love cooking, and watching cooking shows as well.