Monday, September 29, 2008

Jumping in a little late

September's Poetic License Challenge over at Robin's was to write a Fall-themed cinquain. I'm a little late jumping onboard because even though Fall officially began over a week ago, here in the sunny southwest, the grass and leaves are still green and it was 85 degrees today!! It's just not feeling like Fall here yet.

You're in for a treat! I made my three older children write a cinquain as a part of school today. (They moaned like I was killing them.) Actually my 16 year old daughter had to write three cinquains - one in each style that Robin listed here.

#1Son. He's 11 (and a real melancholy - can you tell?)

Dark, Cold
Crying, sighing, moaning
Summer's over and it feels so lonely

Sweetly. She's 13 and loves the Fall.

Cold, crisp.
Running, watching, falling.
A new season is here! It's all wonderful and exciting!

Sweetanlo. 16 and an aspiring writer (which is why she had to do all three!)

Colorful, beautiful
Morphing, drifting, falling,
From green to orange and yellow, awe inspiring difference

Frosty, Chilly
Freezing, shaking, moving
Hoping for eventual warmth

September 22 is the very first day of fall
The cripsness in the air just goes to show
That colder times have come to call
The leafs have fallen oh so low
And soon we shall see snow

And it's only fair that I write at least one myself. Here's mine

red, green
roasting, flipping, tumbling
it is fall when the smell of their fire-roasting goodness is wafting through the air


lana said...

love the poems! It makes we wish we were actually in in Tx it is still hot :-( But soon... I am hoping it will be cooler.
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

A Dusty Frame said...

What great poems:)!

I'm not a poem writer so I'm always in awe at those who do so well!

Robin ~ PENSIEVE said...


Wow! L.O.V.E. I.T.! And my philospophy? Better late than never...ALWAYS! :) are my thoughts (tell your kids to buckle their seatbelts...;) ):

Son #1: There's no doubt how he feels about the season; he's done extremely well communicating emotion in his poem. Great job! :)

Sweetly 13: Conversely to your son, it's obvious she loves the season or at a minimimum appreciates its qualities. I can feel the energy in her piece (nicely done!) :).

Sweetanlo 16: Hehe, one after my own heart! All three? She HAS to win the prize (if there was one ;) ).

Nice, traditional treatment in #1, I love "awe inspiring difference". In #2, I can sense the difference in temperature & how it affects her. Bravo. In her third offering, perfect rhyme scheme, and again, I love the feel she communicates through her words.

And for Mommy-O, hehe, do you grow these yourself? I can tell you're lovin' 'em!

THANKS to you all for playing along! It made my day to read your poems!!!!

:) xoxo