Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thematic Photographic - Winter

Carmi's Thematic Photographic challenge this week was "winter."

I have really been enjoying the photos that have been displayed. The ideal way to experience winter, if you ask me, through photographs! Mojo has some great winter photos up. JC's winter scenes are amazing! Bunty Bunny even captured snowflakes in the air. Sweetly has a series of winter shots that are really worth a look.

As for me, while pondering what photo to take with winter in mind, this what I chose.

This is winter to me - all our coats hung up and us warm and cozy inside. Of course, a picture on the normal day would have had 1/2 these coats laying on the ground underneath the coat rack. Oh well.

Stay warm.


kcinnova said...

Glad to know that they aren't always hung up nice and neat! The coats and boots are always a jumble here, despite my efforts to the contrary.
My post today is a coat of a different sort:

JC said...

I'm sure coats on the floor are a common problem for many families ;-)
Love your windsock!

Aside... I doubt you'd mind passing a message to your PastorMac... I tried to leave a comment (several times - that spam/word verification thingy isn't working correctly - count that as message one ;-D) and my comment:

Hi PastorMac!
Bill Clinton being on that list ought to make the whole thing null and void ;-)

I've been reading your Ann's blog for a long time now and just popped over from your Sweetly's. Your family is inspiring.

My Dad is my hero... oh, but wait... my 3 year old nephew may just take the upper edge, now that I'm thinking about it. Yup... I do think my nephew takes the lead, but my Dad won't mind :-) eom.

Thanks, Ann!

Barb said...

Very clever photo of winter! Very true! What would winter be without all the coats hanging in the mudroom and the boots neatly lined up in a row ---- or half the coats fallen on the floor covering half the scattered boots! Ha ha!

Beck said...

I was so glad to read your line about most of the coats normally being on the floor. Phew! I felt pretty bad when I saw them all hanging up and tidy like that - my kids NEVER hang up their coats. NOT EVER.

Carmi said...

I'm looking at the coats in my hallway, and they're nowhere near as neat as yours. I'll keep the camera tucked away for now :)

I love how you've interpreted the theme. I feel warm just looking at this scene.