Friday, September 29, 2006

What my daughter says

I've been tagged! I can hardly believe it! A first!

Ok...well, it wasn't me daughter actually....but at least we're related!

Shalee over at Shalee's Diner tagged my oldest daughter.
(Now I'll have to let my other daughter answer the questions and post her answers too, just to be fair! We all know how important fairness is, don't we parents?)

Here are my Sweetanlo's answers. She's 14. (Your can read about that here and here.

  • 1. Something I do well: Sing. Read.

  • 2. Something I’d like to improve on: Being patient while doing math. Being nicer to my sister.

  • 3. My favorite food: New Mexican food.

  • 4. Three words that describe me best: Happy. Friendly. Musical.

  • 5. My happiest moment: Haven’t had it yet. It will be when my mom and dad bring home our babies from Ethiopia.

  • 6. Most important thing in my life right now. God. Friends. Family.

  • Then to the moms:
  • 7. Where you surprised by any of the answers?
    For #1, I'm glad that she had to choose and not me. I think that she does so many things well, my list would have gone on and on. Not surprised, but pleased with #2. She gave the second part after I asked her if there was anything else. #3. YUM! Girl after my own heart and the only one of my kids who would choose this. #4 - See my answer for #1. She needed a little help with #5, too many happy moments in her life to choose one. And #6 - I'm seeing that at 14, her friends have become so important in her life; so glad that she's chosen good ones. She can't go wrong listing God 1st., though; He'll help her keep her priorities straight!

So I'm tagging Carmen's Allegra, Mary's 18 yr. old beauty, Anne's Britta, and Michelle's Emma.


Susanne said...

Great answers. Yes at 14 friends are everything! And New Mexican yumm! Singing and musical go hand in hand don't they!

Shalee said...

What fantastic answers! What part does she sing? I love #5. That is just so incredibly sweet.

Thanks for playing. I love reading these answers that everyone has.

Sweetanlo said...

I sing 1st Soprano. I have a really high voice.

Amanda/MayhemMama said...

What a great idea! Good answers, Sweetanlo!

I wonder what my kids will see as their strengths and priorities when they get to be your age...