Thursday, January 25, 2007

Love Thursday #21

Love is...

Hugging you while you were still in my tummy.

Holding you for the first time.

Enjoying what an incredibly easy baby you were (which considering the antics of your older brother was JUST what I needed.)

Watching you grow from a baby into a boy and trying hard to treasure every moment.

Holding your hand in mine, a perfect fit.

Getting lost in the depths of your stunning blue-green eyes.

Marveling at just how perfect the nape of your neck is.

Smothering you with kisses while you talk to me at bedtime.

You ignoring me while I do this and continuing your stories undeterred.

Reading you the same story night after night after night.

Listening to all the wonderful things you have to say.

Listening to all the not-so-understandable things you have to say.

Tucking you back into bed in the quiet of the night.

Being astounded at just how amazingly smart you are.

Sometimes giving you everything you want.

Sometimes NOT giving you everything you want.

Catching all the kisses you blow to me when I'm leaving.

Blowing kisses back.

Knowing that the time we have to together is precious and the time we've had is a treasure.

Pausing in the midst of the chaos of life to revel in the blessing that is you.

Happy birthday my baby, my boy.

Love Thursday & Love Is All Around.


pastormac said...

Amen and Amen

Susanne said...

That was beautiful, Anne!

Mom2One said...

Happy Birthday to your boy.

And Happy Love Thursday to you and yours.

Beck said...

Ann, that was SO lovely! I hope his birthday was wonderful.

Denise said...

Happy Birthday and that is definately a list of LOVE :)

Bongga Mom said...

Cheers to the birthday boy, and cheers to his mama for all her words of love!

Pendullum said...

Waya has sent me over through her Blogversay post... and now I am crying....
What a beautiful post for your beautiful boy!!!

Heart of Rachel said...

Beautiful and touching words. Happy Birthday to your son. May he grow up healthy and full of inspiration. Take care.

NON-Superwoman said...

So sweet...!

Jody said...

Happy birthday little man!!!!!!!!!

owlhaven said...