Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Give Me Five! Well Okay, Six! by Shorty

Shorty is turning five years old today. Five years old!! As I did with his siblings, Sweetanlo, #1 Son, and Joe Cool I'm letting him have the blog to post a list of his own. (I helped a little bit.) Here's his list, one for each year and one to grow on.

Give Me Five! Well Okay, Six! by Shorty

Hi I'm Shorty and I'm five years old today. That means I'm a kindergartener now.

Here's my list.

  • I really like playing our Nintendo Wii and my Nintendo DS. I got Kirby Squeak Squad for Christmas and it's SO cool.

  • My favorite color is all the colors but if I had to choose just one (and it would be hard) it would be red.

  • I like building car tracks and driving mini-cars (I call them car-y cars) around them.

  • I like any kind of cookies as long as they have lots of icing and sprinkles. I like Bizcochitos too because they're covered with sugar. Yum.

  • We have a mattress that we get to jump on and I love it. I like making up all sorts of tricks and jumps.

  • I love my bed and I even love going to bed. My bed is so comfortable and I love my blankies. Sometimes I even lay on it during the day! (can you believe it? - during the day!)

Thanks for reading my list. See you next year when I get to list seven things because I'll be six and then when I'm eight, I'll get to list nine things and when I'm 99, I'll get to list 100 things! Wow.


Susanne said...

Happy happy Birthday to you Shorty! I hope you have a super-d-duper day!

Michelle said...

Happy 5th birthday shorty! I loved your answer to what is your favorite color! It is hard to pick just one isn't it?!

Beck said...

Happy birthday to you! What a gorgeous boy you are!

Sweetanlo said...

Happy birthday baby brother!!!!!!!!!!

pastormac said...

Happy Birthday Son! Can you imagine the cake with 99 candles on it!

Cyndi said...

Happy birthday, Shorty! What a great list!